Turn End supports the creative sector and the estate has been home to artists, furniture makers, a potter, a jewellery designer, an art director and journalists. Two studios located within the estate occasionally open for Bucks Art Weeks as well as other events throughout the year.

Turn End Reflections  by Heather Hunter

Turn End Reflections by Heather Hunter

Heather Hunter

Heather is our Artist-in-Residence, specialising in paper art, printing and artist’s books. From her studio at Turn End, she often uses the garden and house as a resource.

She has been making books since 1993 but had a reluctance to venture into altered books. However, research introduced her to writers that have had conversations with the text of another so she began respectfully altering books from the Observer series published between 1950-1970. 

Winner of the Brigit Skiöld Memorial Trust Artist’s Book Purchase Award at London Artists Book Fair for Observer Series –Music. 

Her unique books are in private collections and in University libraries. 


Photo: Paul Wilkinson Photography

Photo: Paul Wilkinson Photography

Paul Wilkinson Photography

Paul Wilkinson is one of the UK's most sought-after photographers. With a passion for creating beautiful, timeless images, Paul has established himself at the top of his profession as a people photographer. His high-end portraiture is renowned for capturing his client’s character, producing images with personality and life.

Occupying the former practice offices of Aldington, Craig and Collinge, the studio is an amazing environment, allowing Paul to showcase his work in Turn End's iconic spaces. With a fully rigged indoor studio and access to the gardens, it is an idyllic location.

Paul is a Fellow of the two major UK photography associations MPA and SWPP. He has won an array of national and international awards for his work and is now an International Judge. His book, Mastering Portrait Photography, is one of the best-selling photography books in the UK.


Gold Matchstick Charm

Gold Matchstick Charm

Flora Hely Hutchinson

Flora is a freelance accessories designer who also runs her own business designing original charm jewellery. 


Labyrinth by Clair Aldington

Labyrinth by Clair Aldington

Clair Aldington

Clair was born and brought up at Turn End and was the first artist to have a studio here.

Clair is an artist-maker whose work is socially and politically motivated. She has an individual as well as a collaborative and participatory practice.