Book: Houses - Created by Peter Aldington

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Book: Houses - Created by Peter Aldington

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Peter Aldington is one of the most influential designers of post-war houses in Britain and this book is a collection of all the houses that he ‘created’, either individually or with his two partners John Craig and Paul Collinge. There were many more unbuilt, and a selection of these are also included as well as a number of alterations and additions. Many of the articles in the book have been reproduced unedited, so they are a record of the architectural opinion of the time. At the time of publication, news came through that Ketelfield had been Grade II listed by Historic England, so every house that Aldington designed in his illustrious career is now listed, more than any other architect in the UK. This is surely a fitting testimony to his contribution to domestic architecture in the late 20th century in Britain.

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