Students from Ghent analyse Turn End for Interior Architecture course


Margot De Caster and Emma De Leeuw are students of Interior Architecture at Sint-Lucas in Ghent, part of The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, (KU Leuven) a research university in Flanders, Belgium. They recently studied Turn End as part of their Second Bachelor Interior Architecture. Margot and Emma summarise their research here.

"The title of this project is called “Das englische Haus” and is all about analysing an existing house or group of houses. We worked in pairs of two and we were asigned Turn End, the house created by Peter Aldington as his family home.

The main goal of this project was, through analysing Turn End,  to learn why the architect made certain design decisions. This included what the architect's philosophy was about the design was and how he managed to concretize these aspects in materials and choice of furniture. We also focused on how the different spaces were divided. Once we had all this information, we had to make it visual by redrawing floorplans and sections, create exploded views and sketches and finally a scale model so we would be able to explain to third parties (a jury) how Turn End is designed and built.

Our Interior Architecture course is four years, three Bachelors and one Master year. The course focuses mainly on the interior of houses and public buildings and how to create a certain atmosphere. We are trained to design interiors in relation to sculptural expression. We learn through different projects and are encourgared to make drawings and scale models for each project".